The Cerdalon® Garden Collection includes more than 90 plain fabrics, which are the base for more than 700 articles which feature basically in:

  • Market leading colour range of plain fabrics
  • Innovating designs
  • Diversified textures
  • Sophisticated jacquards

All Cerdalon® fabrics are made of 100% Acrylic, fibre dyed Dralon®, and produced under European quality standards.

We present the Cerda Home® collection in 4 different quality goups: Cerdalon®, Cerdacotton®, Nature®, Olympo®  Together and with different fibre material our fabrics find application in interior decoration such as upholstery, curtains, table linen, pillows and bedding.

Cerdalon® fabrics are made of fibre dyed 100% acrylics. Due to its friendly and soft touch and the high resistance they are suitable for indoor upholstery, decoration, bags and shoes, kitchen accessories…

In this group of fabrics we feature our structure weavings like Panama, Mora, Hispano, Tejano… which grant quality, resistance and unique design for home fabrics.

Digital prints and the extreme liberty of designing are a must in the actual textile scene.  Fernando Cerdá Blanes &Hijos SA is contributing in this new wave with pigment colours printed in digital. This enables us to print on many different qualities such as acrylics, polyester, cotton, linen and viscose which gives us extreme flexibility following customers’ requirements of design and quality.

We offer a basic collection of prints which we hold on stock and offer with stock service.

At the same time we offer flexible design service with exclusivity, following your instructions regarding design, colour and layout. Please contact us.

The Cerdalon® team invites you to the customer’s private area so that you can download and visualize the complete Cerdalon® Printed collection.



Fernando Cerdá e Hijos is a weaving company in its third generation with more than 50 years of experience in the textile sector and 20 years in the sector of technical fabrics for outdoor and indoor.


The company was founded in 1951 focusing its  production on fabrics for footwear. In 1995 the company entered at  market of textile for indoor and outdoor upholstery.


Thanks to the policy of quality, innovation, service and specialization, the volume of production and sales in the last 20 years has grown exponentially, consolidating CERDALON® brand and its products on the international market.


Currently Fernando Cerdá Blanes e Hijos SA, under the brand CERDALON® is present on 5 continents and  more than 60 countries, being a benchmark in quality standards and variety of its products.



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